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Pet Tips

At Pampered Paws we are committed to helping pet owners however we can.  Here we have some helpful articles for beginner and amateur pet owners to aid them in dealing with their furry friends.

Healthy Dog Teeth

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean can help keep your dog healthy. Use a soft toothbrush. Start by offering your dog...

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Senior Dog

As you may know, dogs age at a rapid pace and before you know it your best friend might be...

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Anal Glands in Dogs

What Are the Anal Glands? The anal glands (also called anal sacs) are two glands that secrete a pungent fluid...

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Dewclaw Removal

Dewclaw removal is the surgical removal of the first digit, sometimes referred to as the thumb. This toe is located...

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Why Do Dogs Growl?

Coming across a growling dog is a frightening experience, as any mail carrier can tell you. The sound of a...

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Why Do Dogs Howl?

The family gathers around the piano to sing a few favorite songs. As musical tones float in harmony from the...

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