Pampered Paws

Puppy Chew Toy

Chewing is a natural behavior for puppies. Teething, monotony and inadequate exercise can be contributing factors. However, chewing behaviors can be directed toward inappropriate items, such as furniture, pillows and shoes. It is up to you to teach your puppy what is appropriate to chew on. Offer your puppy a variety of chew toys.

Vomiting in Dogs

Some dogs can vomit occasionally. A common question owners ask is when should you worry? If a dog vomits more than once in a day, the vomiting is associated with other signs including lethargy, diarrhea or not eating or there is blood in the vomit, then it is time to worry.

How Many Dogs Are Too Many?

Adding a dog to an existing household of dogs can sometimes be tricky. It requires trial meetings on neutral territory to establish the dogs’ tolerance of each other before throwing the unsuspecting pair together permanently. Where even greater numbers of dogs are involved, pack dynamics must be considered. Naturally, the dogs’ temperaments must be considered, […]

Yard Safety

There are several possible hazards in your yard that can cause injury or create problems for your dog. Some of the possible hazards include: Sharp nails or wires on fencing Fence boards or areas where pets can sneak out, around or under Trash tossed or blown into the yard that may be chewed on or […]

Tips On Pet Food Storage

An ideal choice for a dog food storage container is a sturdy, airtight, bug-proof container that is easy to clean and large enough for an entire bag of kibble. Screw top lid designs help prevent access to small children and dogs while keeping food fresh. Indented handles on larger models are helpful for moving in […]

5 More Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

5 more symptoms that you should never ignore in your dog. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, call your veterinarian as soon as possible. Trouble urinating – This can include straining to urinate, frequent attempts at urination and evidence of discomfort when urinating. Discomfort may be demonstrated by crying out during […]

Signs of Illness in Dogs

Today I’d like to discuss some important signs of illness in dogs. These are symptoms that are quite serious and should never be ignored. My goal is to help you better understand these symptoms so you will know that you must get your dog the help he needs. In past newsletters I’ve told you about […]

Cold Wet Noses in Dogs

Does a cold, wet nose mean the dog is healthy? This is not entirely true. Yes, a dog’s nose is often cool and moist, but this does not necessarily indicate health. It is possible for an ill dog’s nose to feel this way, and it is possible for a healthy dog to have a dry, […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Dog Gate

Gates can be essential to keep your puppy confined to an area while he is being housebroken and so you can supervise his every move in order to keep him safe. Before buying your gate, consider where you want it, the width of the area you are tying to gate and the size of your […]

Adding a New Pet to Your Home

Introducing a new pet to your household? At the beginning make sure to feed the new member of the household in a separate location. At least separate food bowls as much as possible for the first few days. Aside from love, food is everything to your pets. So don’t encourage ill will between future buddies […]