Healthy Food, as Nature Intended.

What is Raw Feeding?

Raw feeding is exactly what it sounds like – feeding your pet raw ingredients, rather than the traditional cooked food that is more commonly available.
Raw diets usually contain a combination of raw meat and other uncooked ingredients such as certain fruits and vegetables.


Switching a dog or cat with an existing health problem to a raw diet can often produce an improvement in their conditions. Among healthy pets, a raw diet is likely to help prevent some of the illnesses that are now common in many dogs. Most importantly, a high quality raw diet will help promote a long, healthy, and happy life for you and your companion animal.

  • Less Shedding
  • Reduced Dental Work
  • Better Digestion
  • More Energy
  • Healthier Skin & Coat
  • Improved Weight Control
  • More Stamina
  • Reduction in Flatulence

Raw Feeding Guide

7-24 weeks, feed 5-10%
24-56 weeks, feed 3-5%
68+ weeks, feed 2-3%
*Ideal Body Weight*
Adjust according to energy level.
Common sense and observation should be used by the owner at all times to ensure their dog does not gain too much weight.

What We Offer

Our “Species Appropriate Meal” Consists of a balanced blend of raw meat, bone and vegetable. A carefully Balanced Formula made to imitate your dog’s evolutionary diet.

80% – Protein
10% – Bone
5% – Organ
5% – Liver

+Added Vegetables(For fiber, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phyto-nutrients not found in meat.)

We Deliver!
Scheduled delivery available to certain areas in San Pedro. Free delivery in town. A small fee for out of town.