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A Healthy Balanced Diet For Your Furry Friends!

Island Raw Diet - Dog Food

A Natural Diet for a Healthy and Happy Dog. If you want to feed your pup a nutritional diet that’ll keep their coat shining and their tails wagging, you may consider a raw diet. Like you, we love our pets and want to keep them healthy! One of the most important decisions we can make for our pets is what we feed them.

Island Raw Diet - Pampered Paws
Island Raw Food For Dogs - Pampered Paws

Healthy Food, as Nature Intended

What is Raw Feeding?

Raw feeding is exactly what it sounds like – feeding your pet raw ingredients, rather than the traditionally cooked food that is more commonly available. Raw diets usually contain a combination of raw meat and other uncooked ingredients such as certain fruits and vegetables.


Switching a dog or cat with an existing health problem to a raw diet can often produce an improvement in their conditions. Among healthy pets, a raw diet is likely to help prevent some of the illnesses that are now common in many dogs. Most importantly, a high quality raw diet will help promote a long, healthy, and happy life for you and your companion animal.

Raw Feeding Guide

7-24 weeks, feed 5-10%
24-56 weeks, feed 3-5%
68+ weeks, feed 2-3%
*Ideal Body Weight*
Adjust according to energy level. Common sense and observation should be used by the owner at all times to ensure their dog does not gain too much weight.

What We Offer

Our “Species Appropriate Meal” Consists of a balanced blend of raw meat, bone, and vegetable. A carefully Balanced Formula made to imitate your dog’s evolutionary diet.

80% – Protein
10% – Bone
10% – Organ (liver and heart)

+Added Vegetables (For fiber, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phyto-nutrients not found in meat.)

Chicken Base

1 Pound Regular Blend
1 Pound Boneless Blend
Pure Boneless Breast (Ask if available)

Beef Blend

1 Pound Regular Blend

Special Orders

We do have special orders, please contact us for more information
Special blend with added vitamins like flaxseed, omega, and glucosamine is available
Pre-orders only for 20lbs and above

We Deliver

Scheduled delivery available to certain areas in San Pedro. Free delivery in town. A small fee for out of town deliveries.

Pamper your pets...or we can do it for you!

Ready to give your furry friend the royal treatment they deserve? Reserve your pet’s spot at Pampered Paws today! Our dedicated team of pet care professionals is eagerly waiting to pamper, groom, walk, and train your beloved pet.

Pet Services

Service with Love and Dedication!

From boarding to grooming, exercise to training, you can trust us to be your pet care specialists. Whether you’re leaving the island or just going to work, know your best friend is in capable hands in our long and short-term boarding and daycare facility.

Too busy to take your dog for a walk? Our structured Power Walks are perfect to tire your dog’s mind and body. If your friend is in need of a bath or haircut, give us a call. Our experienced groomers can make your dog or cat beautiful!

Pampered Paws - Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

From regular to medicated pet baths, we do it all. Our experienced groomers can trim and shave dogs and cats to rabbits.

Shadow Experience - Pampered Paws

Shadow Experience

Fundamental techniques, strategies, and tips in general dog training with a particular focus on managing anxiety, fear, reactivity, creating and maintaining calmness, leadership, and trust, in order to effectively balance the challenges of love & affection vs leadership and fostering structure through rules and boundaries at home.

Dog Training - Pampered Paws

Dog Training

Learn to overcome the undesirable behaviors that your dog may have by showing you the right techniques and tools for your specific dog. We also specialize in behavior modification.

Pampered Paws - Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care

Let your dog have fun while you're at work, shopping, or taking a break. Your best friend will keep busy with structured activities and walks all day long.

Pampered Paws - Doggie Day Care

Pet Boarding

Our Boarding Center provides you with the convenience of leaving the island without having to worry about your furry friend.

Pampered Paws - Power Walk Program

Power Walk Program

Doggie Powerwalks is for dog owners that don't have time or space to properly walk or exercise their dog. We also target high energy level dogs that require more exercise than others.

Pampered Paws - Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Our Pet Store is stocked with a lot of goodies for your pets. From food and treats to toys, you can find most of your goodies here.

Cat Resting On Floor


No need to leave your cat unsupervised and alone at home. At our Cattery we keep them safe and secure under professional watchful eyes and have play sessions to keep them active.

Pampered Paws - Pet Taxi

Special Services

These services are offered as optional to aid pet owners that are too busy or need a hand in keeping up with their pets.

SAGA Humane Society

SAGA Humane Society

Promoting Kindness and Preventing Cruelty to Animals!

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