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Cori's Shadow Experience - Pampered Paws

Katia is a very experienced and talented dog trainer; her natural acuity in dog behavior modification allows her to assess quickly and effectively the most relevant and useful modification strategies or techniques to implement. In her pursuit for excellence, Katia is constantly on the lookout for new and different approaches that will not only modify behavior immediately but sustain it, thus scaling up to behavioral transformation in the long term. Therefore, Katia affirms, that behavior modification is contingent on your leadership, dedication, and commitment to your dog

Shadow Experience - Pampered Paws
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Join Katia's Unique Shadow Experience

Founder of Pampered Paws and pioneer of dog grooming, pack walking, daycare, and training modification, Katia has positioned herself as an industry leader in the country. She provides the most effective fundamental techniques, strategies, and tips in general dog training with a particular focus on managing anxiety, fear, reactivity, creating and maintaining calmness, leadership, and trust, in order to effectively balance the challenges of love & affection vs. leadership and fostering structure through rules and boundaries at home. Katia provides personalized guidance as you engage in on-the-job learning and is very supportive as you apply what you have learned to shelter dogs on the last day of our shadow experience. Katia assures that her shadow experience will boost or develop your leadership skills allowing you to quickly and effectively nurture a great relationship with your dog or dogs if you are an active trainer or caretaker. Also, she reassures a transformation in your confidence level when walking your dog or multiple dogs or dealing with various complex behavioral issues.

Pampered Paws’ Shadow Experience program consists of 4 intense days and allows you to interact and exercise what you have learned with sheltered dogs on the island, thus improving their behavioral patterns and making them more adoptable. The program caters to beginners, intermediate, or advanced and can be customized based on your needs or wants. You can purchase additional days after the 4 days program has ended.

Contact us for more information and on how to sign up. Don’t lose the opportunity to do your shadow experience.


Read what people are saying about the Shadow Experience!

Katia’s shadow program was an amazing experience and a wonderful opportunity to learn how to handle a wide variety of dogs in the stunning location of San Pedro Belize. This program taught me the importance of teaching calm to our dogs, bringing down the heightened state of mind and establishing clear communication and boundaries. The highlight is working with the shelter dogs. Most, if not all are street dogs and to be able to help guide and transform their life is truly a very rare and rewarding experience. Katia is a gifted trainer and an excellent educator. Her logical and effective approach to handling doesn't overcomplicate matters which is very refreshing. I walked away feeling confident, inspired, and ready to take what I learned back to my training business. I highly recommend this shadow program to anyone looking to further their education and training career.
Cori's Shadow Experience - Pampered Paws
Cori Sterrenberg
Owner: Cori’s K9 Training Calgary, AB Canada
My shadow training with Katia was great. I am a caretaker to owners who have 10 dogs. I need to help provide care for a Rottweiler, a mastiff, a pit bull, and a bull terrier. Before training, I was not comfortable around large dogs. After learning how to handle the dogs, how to give them commands and, how to read their body language to stop trouble before it starts, I have had no problems. I am much more confidant with the dogs. I walk the large dogs twice a day and they listen and behave well for me. I highly recommend Katia’s training.
Eric's Shadow Experience - Pampered Paws
Eric Aban
Dog caretaker, Placencia, Stann Creek
My training with Kathy at Pampered Paws has made a big impact to my business. By learning different techniques I’ve been more confident to take on more clients. I went to Kathy because I was having issues introducing calm, structure and balance to my pack. I wanted to have a better environment overall for my dogs. Teach the over stimulated dogs how to exist in calmness and how to help the more shy and skittish dogs to build confidence. By learning different techniques and tips from Kathy I’ve been able to accomplish this. Also, have to admit the views aren’t bad either. Who wouldn’t want to learn as your walking dogs on the tropical island of San Pedro.
Debbie's Shadow Experience - Pampered Paws
Debbie Gruber
Owner: Debbie's Downtown Doggie Daycare, Pennsylvania, USA
Hello. My name is Mayte and I am from Merida, Yucatan. I will share my experience in San Pedro, Belize in February 2018, while I was learning to train and walk dogs under the guidance and supervision of Pampered Paws founder Katia and her team. Despite the training was intense, we did 3 or more power walks per day However, I must say I enjoyed it, especially the morning walks, preparing the dogs with sidekick and/or transition leashes. During my two weeks training I learnt the importance of maintaining a calm, relaxed and firm attitude, whether I was training or walking. Overall, it was a very interesting and enriching experience, having been part of Katia’s training program and team.
Mayte's Shadow Experience - Pampered Paws
Mayte Rukos
Mérida, Yucatan, Mexico
I am a caretaker to an owner of 4 rescue dogs. My Shadow Training with Katia taught me a lot about my perception and understanding of dogs. Before training, I did not know how to approach a dog, nor did I understand that dogs want to be taught, are responsive to commands and enjoy structure. I learnt that a dog is an important part of a community and makes a good pet when trained and cared for. I needed to learn how to handle the challenge of two alpha packs in one home and to bring calm into the yard. I have since adopted a rescue dog and brought her into our home as a new member of the family. Other families in my village have noted how good my dog is and are learning to take better care of their on pets. I have learnt to bathe and groom the dogs. I am now learning agility skills and games to keep the dog mentally engaged and calm. Thank you, Ms Katia and your team. I am proud of what I have achieved and enjoy continued learning.
Mayte's Shadow Experience - Pampered Paws
Solomon Menjangre
Dog Caretaker, Maya Beach, Belize
Pampered Paws Shadow Program - Casey Testimonial
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This is a video testimonial from one of our clients of Belize Shadow Program.
Pampered Paws Shadow Program - Casey Testimonial
Casey Peters
Southern Onterio, Canada

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