Pampered Paws

12 General Rules for Training Dogs

1. Training should be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog. If you are not in the right mood for training, don’t even start. Keep training sessions short, on the order of 5-10 minutes, to maintain your dog’s motivation. If your dog doesn’t respond appropriately to a command after several attempts, don’t reward him. […]

Tip on Changes in Senior Dogs

What changes can I expect, as my dog becomes a senior? You may first notice changes in your dog’s activity level. Similar to people, elderly dogs may not have the same amount of energy they once did. It is common to see weight changes in your senior dog. With the change in your senior dogs’ […]

What Is Dog Seborrhea?‏

Seborrhea is another word for scaling or flaking skin. It can be caused by a variety of underlying problems – from mineral deficiencies and inherited skin problems to low humidity in the winter (causing dry skin). It is often more prominent in dogs that are obese as they can’t groom as well as some other […]

Do Dogs Sweat?‏

When people sweat, it is very obvious. Some of us perspire more than others, but everyone does it. Some people just sweat under the arms, and others seem to sweat almost everywhere. Why do we sweat? Sweating is our body’s mechanism for cooling us down when we get too hot. Here’s how it works. Human […]

Cooling Dogs Off in the Summer

Last summer was so hot that we were afraid of losing our dogs due to the hot heat. I had wished we had a swimming pool but couldn’t afford it. Some time later in the week, I saw our grand kid’s plastic sled under our porch and an idea came to me and I decided […]

Symptoms You Should Never Ignore in Your Dog

This is the last in a series of newsletters focused on important medical symptoms you should never ignore in your dog. Remember, a symptom is a sign of a disease, not a disease in itself – and one symptom could indicate several possible diseases. So far I’ve told you about these 15 important symptoms that […]

Collecting Urine From A Diabetic Dog

It is collecting urine that we hit on a great idea! Cut the bottom off of a water bottle at an angle leave the lid on, this can then be placed between the back legs of a dog and when she urinates you catch it! Then it is a simple task to dip the stick […]

Healthy Dog Signs

There are several signs that may indicate a problem with your dog. It is important to recognize what they are and have your pet evaluated. Problem signs include a lack of appetite, decreased activity, weakness, changes in water consumption, not grooming, bad breath, sleeping more, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, trouble breathing, frequent urinations or bloody […]

Encouraging Your Dog to Drink

Proper hydration is crucial in the healing process; however, the ill or painful dog may not be interested in drinking. It is important NOT to force water into your dog, as it could lead to aspiration pneumonia if your dog is not swallowing appropriately. Listed below are several options to encourage your dog to intake […]

Can Pets Get Breast Cancer?

Do you know about breast cancer in pets? Can pets get breast cancer? The answer is yes. So today I’d like to talk about breast cancer in pets. Actually breast cancer occurs in both dogs and cats and is not that uncommon. I encourage all of my female readers to do self breast exams monthly […]