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Bright Clothing Colors and Reflective Dog Collars

To put it simply, put something on you and your dog to make you both as visible as possible. The brightest colors are best and a flashing light such as a bicycle light that flashes are worth their weight in gold.

Also, for your dog or cat, the purchase of an illuminated flashing collar is the best defense you have against getting hit by a vehicle at night. I’ve heard too many stories of people and their pets being hit and either seriously injured or killed because they didn’t make themselves visible. Even in daylight, one should make oneself as visible as possible. Cars no matter what the color become almost impossible to see in the distance and it is exactly the same for animals. I always wear bright clothing and my flashing light when walking my dog Casey who is a mixed breed husky, shepherd, who knows what else combination. He has his own flashing, reflective collar and he always has it on at night. It is not a matter of fashion; it is a matter of utmost safety.

Dogs are injured needlessly because owners don’t take the time and trouble to protect their pets properly. Instead of spending money on frivolous items, spend a little money to protect you and your dog. It is money well spent. And also, carry water for your dog when walking. You’d get hot and thirsty if you were walking and would carry something to drink so do the same for your dog. Wouldn’t you get hot and thirsty if you had to wear a fur coat all the time?

I hope this helps pet owners out there. Show your animals just how much you love them and it will come back to you tenfold.