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Can Pets Get Breast Cancer?

Do you know about breast cancer in pets? Can pets get breast cancer?

The answer is yes. So today I’d like to talk about breast cancer in pets.

Actually breast cancer occurs in both dogs and cats and is not that uncommon.

I encourage all of my female readers to do self breast exams monthly and to make sure you get your mammograms as recommended by your physician. Please. Early diagnosis is key. And just as early diagnosis is key in humans – it is also critical in dogs and cats.

Breast cancer can occur in both male and female pets – but it is more common in females.

How do you find it? You feel along the mammary chain. Symptoms of problems are small nodules or tumors. They can be large or as small as a pea. What I like to do is while a pet is laying on the floor relaxing, I just gently rub their belly and gently feel around each nipple for any nodules. If you feel any – please see your vet. Early diagnosis can allow for successful treatment. Late diagnosis can be more difficult as some breast cancer can metastasize to the lymph nodes, lungs or liver.

Please take a moment to examine your pet now, and repeat the exam regularly.