Dog Training Descriptions

Our main goal regarding training is teaching and promoting calmness across all breeds and sizes of dogs. We work towards creating and/or rehabilitating your dog into an all rounded, calm and relaxed, happy dog. To reach this goal we take a Balanced Training approach to both dog training and behavior modification; focusing on not only your dog’s behavior but also it’s mindset resulting on a well mannered furry friend who is able to make good decisions on their own. Our programs are meant to build your relationship with your dog, elevating your status as a leader, and coaching you step -by-step in making the transitions.

Behavior & Conditioning Training Program.

Mastering The Walk Training Program.

Mastering the walk is the first, most important skill to learn in order to have a balanced, stable dog. This solidifies your role as pack leader.

Four-Day Heeling & Basic Commands Training Program.

Basic Commands Board & Train Training Program.

Board & Potty Train Training Program.

Home Consultations.

By visiting your home environment, we can better assess what issues you may encounter with your dog. We can teach you to use what’s available in your home to assist in training. What we see as an unwanted behavior in our dog is most likely an issue which may stem from stress and anxiety created by little or no leadership and guidance in the house.

Phone Consultations.